Post-Graduate Year

Purnell’s Post-Graduate Program is an opportunity for girls to gain the academic skills and social maturity necessary for college.

Our Post-Graduate Program is individualized to the needs of each girl. Girls attend a PG year for the transformational experience of understanding their own learning style, identifying their strengths, and engaging in leadership opportunities that will benefit their lives in college and beyond.

Small, supportive class sizes and the attentive nature of our faculty creates an environment that fosters academic risks and challenges, even for students who have never been comfortable engaging in this type of learning. The Purnell PG year is not a repetition of a student’s senior year; but rather an opportunity to expand upon her previous academic work, prepare for college, and strive toward independence.

Girls who attend Purnell’s Post-Graduate Program:
  • High School graduates who have been accepted to college but are not ready to attend
  • High School graduates who have not been accepted to college for academic reasons
  • High School graduates who have not determined their path or found their passion
  • Certificate students who have not received a formal High School diploma.

Boarding School Review: Why do a Gap or Post-Graduate Year?

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