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We pride ourselves on offering unique and interesting courses in addition to the standard curriculum.  A typical day in the life of a Purnell girl may include history, math, performing arts, and electives such as Forensics, Equine Science, and Engineering. At Purnell, we give you the basics and then take you beyond.

Click the links below to view the complete Course Guides for 2014-2015.


C O U R S E   O F   S T U D Y  

N I N T H  G R A D E 
English 9
World History
Language (French or Spanish)
Mathematics (typically Algebra 1)
Survey of Studio Arts (spring semester)
Survey of Performing Arts (fall semester)

T E N T H  G R A D E
English 10
Language (French or Spanish)
Mathematics (typically Geometry) 
Studio and Performing Arts electives

E L E V E N T H  G R A D E

English 11
American History
Language (French or Spanish)
Mathematics (typically Algebra II)
Studio and Performing Arts electives

T W E L F T H  G R A D E
English 12
History electives
Language (French or Spanish) 
Mathematics (Trigonometry or Calculus recommended)
Engineering, Design & Robotics, or Science electives
Art History (one semester)
Studio and Performing Arts electives



 All students participate in a grade-based seminar:

  • Strengths: Students participate in a variety of hands-on, creative, real-world applicable activities to discover, name and utilize their strengths.

  • Diversity: Students learn a common vocabulary in order to talk about issues of diversity in and outside of Purnell while creating an open and communicative atmosphere to increase students' awareness of various multicultural resources.

  • Wellness: Students learn basic information about biological and sexual health, drug and alcohol information, and nutrition and healthy eating.

  • Community: Students in grades 9 and 10 experience a variety of seminars exploring team building, stress management, leadership development, technology and other topics with real-world applications that will help girls make healthy, positive choices in their academic and social lives.

  • College Process: Students in grade 11 are introduced to the college search and selection process, and they begin compiling information for college applications and resumes.  Students in grade 12 continue to search for and apply to colleges.  They are given the opportunity to fill out applications, seek help from the college counselor, and write their college essay.  




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