Student Life

At Purnell, involvement comes easy.

Here, in an active, opportunity-filled community, you’ll be encouraged to participate and try new things, and the choices are seemingly endless.

Students find a calendar filled with campus activities, student clubs, athletics, residential life, and more. On weekends, our students are just as busy with day and weekend trips, dances at boys' schools, and on-campus activities such as game nights and movie showings.

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At Purnell, you'll get involved—here, everyone does. You'll discover new interests, you'll make lifelong friends, and—did we mention? —you’ll have a lot of fun!

Why we love Purnell: Purnell students answer your questions

student life at purnell

Living at Purnell instills independence and confidence. You'll leave ready for college. You'll leave ready for life.

The Girls' School Advantage

This video from the National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS) highlights the unique benefits of all-girls schools.
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