Discover the best of yourself.

Purnell School transforms the lives of motivated young women who learn differently.

At Purnell, intellectual curiosity and student support are never mutually exclusive. Through our proprietary Learning and Wellness approach, expert faculty integrate educational rigor, academic support, and social and emotional wellness.

We are a safe, nurturing, and empowering community of enrichment, leadership, and equity of educational opportunities. At Purnell, we enable each girl to be her best self — to explore her interests, discover her strengths, and find the confidence to succeed in the world beyond Purnell.  

Purnell, A World of Difference.

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We understand that students are as likely to discover a driving interest or passion outside the classroom as in it and tailor our program to meet the interests of our students. A host of traditions and celebrations also make the Purnell experience memorable.

A Truly Remarkable Location

Purnell is safely nestled away from the distractions of the city yet close enough to take advantage of the cultural attractions on weekends. The location is truly remarkable; close to the excitement and intellectual vibrancy of metropolitan areas yet removed enough to create a safe, reflective and inspirational atmosphere where girls thrive.

Nestled Amidst 83-acres of rolling hills

The Campus is secure and peaceful, and yet only one hour from New York City and two hours from Philadelphia Schedule a Visit