Discover the best of yourself.

Purnell School transforms the lives of young women
who thrive in a smaller, nurturing school.

For girls who think “out of the box” or learn differently, we are an empowering community of enrichment, leadership, and equity of educational opportunities.
We offer a student-centered academic program that provides experiences of success and builds girls’ personal agency to learn and lead.

At Purnell, we enable each girl to be herself —
to explore her interests, discover her strengths,
and find the confidence to succeed in the world beyond Purnell.


What people are saying
about Purnell

Our daughter, is about to complete her first semester and we have been so pleased with the changes that we have seen in her in just a few short months. Thank you Purnell School for restoring her confidence and instilling a sense of responsibility that has helped our daughter become a more productive and successful student. Parents of an Alumna ‘18
I am thankful to Purnell for providing me with countless opportunities to grow and for the support I received from the faculty and staff during and after my time at Purnell. Purnell guided me in finding my confidence and worth. Purnell taught me how to learn and to appreciate learning, and for that I am forever grateful. Alumna ‘09
Relationships with teachers and friends that will last forever! An education in what truly matters in life: consideration for others; using common sense; being truthful, recognizing the importance of ME, and the best way I can assist others. I knew I would succeed. Alumna ‘70
Friendships made, beautiful place to be, opportunities like living with a French family in France, competitive sports, the arts. Alumna ‘72
Purnell offered me three of the best school years of my career.
I am thankful for the relationships that were created and the support I received. Purnell made a huge impact on my life and helped mold me into the confident woman I am today.
Alumna ‘88
My daughter LOVES Purnell! She is having a great year thus far and we are happy to see that her confidence and sense of self-worth is growing in leaps and bounds! Her grades are better than they have ever been and she, herself, is working hard to ensure that they stay that way. It is so nice to see the love for school back again. Parents of Current Student ‘19
Purnell is a place that I was able to embrace my independence and grow as my own person at a time when my family life was changing, and I still cherish the core values with my own family to this day! Alumna ‘75
I am thankful for Purnell for giving me the opportunity to learn from excellent teachers who valued my creativity, honored my strengths, and challenged me academically. Alumna ‘07
Purnell made me the person I am today. So much gratitude and love for this school and the many people who it brought into my life. Alumna ‘75
Purnell made me the woman I am today and I’m thankful for all the teachers and staff who allowed me to be a part of their family. Alumna ‘87
Thank you Purnell for nurturing and supporting my daughter in all her adventures. Parents of an Alumna ‘18
Our daughter has grown so much during her past three years at Purnell. We are forever grateful! Parent of a Current Student ‘20
We are so grateful that a school like Purnell exists and hope it can be around for another 500 years. The school embodies so much and has so much to give. Thank you to the founders for being brave and creating this school. Thank you to the current administration for supporting those ideals and going further. Thank you to the students for being accepting of themselves, those around them and the world they live in! Parent of a Current Student ‘19
I am thankful for Purnell because they taught me how to be a responsible member of the community. Alumna ‘94
What a wonderful education I received....I was the part of the 2nd class to graduate....and to this day, I still use the skills I learned at Purnell! Thank you Mr and Mrs Gould for all your leadership! Alumna ‘69
I am grateful that I spent 20 years working for an educational institution that valued each person’s learning style and encouraged creativity in all aspects. I am realizing more and more how lucky I was to be steeped in an environment that was encouraging and appreciative of each person’s contribution -- faculty, staff, students, and faculty children. Grateful for the many Facebook friends I now have because of those years there! Grateful that I worked with Bill Moran for so many years. Blessings to all! Former Faculty 70s, 80s, 90s
I am thankful for the love of learning that was infused within me at my time at Purnell. I am thankful for my lifelong relationships that began at Purnell. I am thankful for the love and support that was provided to me there. I am thankful for the life skills I learned at Purnell which are take risks, have a good work ethic, be considerate, truthful and have consideration for others. Alumna ‘07
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Academic Blog

Purnell School

On Monday, June 17, Purnell Head of School Anne M. Glass testified in support of New Jersey State Bill, S 1810, to ban the use of a dangerous pesticide Chlorpyrifos, which has been shown to cause learning and attention disabilities when exposed to babies in utero and early childhood.

Read more about Head of School Anne M. Glass testifies in front of the New Jersey Senate Environmental Committee

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    We understand that students are as likely to discover a driving interest or passion outside the classroom as in it and tailor our program to meet the interests of our students. A host of traditions and celebrations also make the Purnell experience memorable.

    A Truly Remarkable Location

    Purnell is safely nestled away from the distractions of the city yet close enough to take advantage of the cultural attractions on weekends. The location is truly remarkable; close to the excitement and intellectual vibrancy of metropolitan areas yet removed enough to create a safe, reflective and inspirational atmosphere where girls thrive.
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    Nestled Amidst 83-acres of rolling hills

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