Namaaaaastea- The Art Of Goat Yoga
Emma Patalano '23

I had heard of "goat yoga" before, but I never had the opportunity to try it. It sounded like something people on social media are always posting, so I was excited to see what it was about!

When I heard the school was offering goat yoga, I jumped on the opportunity and signed up. The goat weekend couldn't come faaaast enough, so I was bursting with excitement when my friends and I finally got to the field where we were doing goat yoga.

Eileen Bowden, one of the owners of 'Namaaastea Goat Yoga', had explained to us that doing goat yoga was only part of it and some people just played with the goats! Many of the girls in the group and I took that to heart and focused on the adorable goats!

The pure joy and ecstasy when the goats came running in was unlike anything I've ever felt before. My face had hurt so much from smiling, and my eyes couldn't handle the cuteness that were the baby goats. There were two types of goats, the "miniature" and the "pygmy" breeds. Pygmy goats are small goats of African origin, and they were about 14 inches high. Miniature goats are about the same size, but they are a cross of a pygmy and a regular goat.

An interesting fact that we learned is that goats have to come in pairs. If you have one you must have a second one so they can keep each other company and comfort each other, as goats are pack animals.

After doing a few yoga poses, I played with and petted baby goats, even trying to smuggle two home, but my dad said no! I was so happy and thrilled that I got to try the experience. I would definitely not only recommend this to everyone, but I would do it all over again.