New Learning Specialist
Anne Glass

We are happy to welcome our new Learning Specialist, Laurie Molloy.

She joins our Learning & Wellness Team, along with Dr. Martha Torres, educational psychologist, Nicole Dowd, STEM and executive functioning specialist, and our clinical and student life professionals.

Laurie comes to us with a wealth of experience teaching English Language Arts to middle and high school students. She earned her Masters in Teaching English at Montclair State University. After many years of teaching both solo and in inclusive classrooms, Laurie is delighted to be at Purnell where she believes she can really make a difference in our student-centered learning environment. I am confident that she will!

Laurie has an extensive background working in education and a generous heart of gold, easily empathizing and building rapport with students. Laurie has already begun seeing students for reading comprehension, writing, and executive function support. She will also push into English and History classes to support our students and faculty.

We are thrilled to welcome Laurie Molloy to our already strong team of educators.

My very best,
Anne Glass