NextGen Leaders are on the Move!
Vicky Browne

Purnell School and Bedminster Township School District have worked in collaboration over a three year period developing peer leadership workshops for 3rd and 4th graders.

The collaboration has evolved over the last couple of years. Purnell now offers an elective course called NextGen Leaders, which specializes in sports leadership. This course gives learners the knowledge and skills required to plan and lead sport or exercise activities, giving our students their first steps into sports leadership and teaching. This year we collaborated with 3rd graders at Bedminster's Elementary School. The Purnell students delivered three workshops focusing on the importance of teamwork.

Jennifer Giordano, the Superintendent of Bedminster Township School District, shared:

"I wanted to let you know that I have received excellent feedback from the third-grade staff and students about your last visit here to work with our students. The students were so excited to learn from your amazing group of high school leaders. The teachers would be so happy if you could continue the tradition next year. They would love to see more time dedicated now that they understand more about the program ... They are excited to pick a date for next year."

We are thrilled to have such positive feedback! Our faculty is already planning a date for next year. As always, Purnell continues to offer myriad leadership opportunities for all of our students. NextGen Leaders is one example of our mentorship and community outreach.