Purnell Plus

Because we value the personal strengths, challenges, and life experiences that each girl brings to our school community, Purnell is committed to providing comprehensive learning and wellness support to all of our students. For those girls who need a higher level of support to make the most of their Purnell experience, we offer Purnell Plus.

Purnell Plus is a fee-based suite of services that enhance the emotional care provided to students. Our inclusive approach ensures a natural flow of social and academic integration with the full student body. Purnell Plus students receive the college preparatory academics, learning support, advisory, experiential learning, student life, and extracurricular opportunities that all Purnell students receive.

In addition, Purnell Plus provides:

  • Twice daily check-in (morning and midday) with our Psychologist in Residence
  • Nightly, scheduled 1:1 check-in
  • Twice weekly, on-campus, evidence-based group therapy
  • Once per week, on-campus, individual therapy
  • Additional clinical support as needed
  • Multi-disciplinary professional coordination meetings
  • Weekly Equine Therapy at our local stable
  • One required activity from among several choices on each weekend day
  • Psychologist or Counselor on call throughout the weekend

Purnell Plus for Parents

  • Weekly updates on academics and student life
  • Monthly calls with our Psychologist in Residence

Our Admissions team will work with your family to determine if Purnell Plus is right for your daughter.