Tuition & Financial Aid

Purnell provides an all inclusive, quality education that includes extracurricular activities at no additional charge. Enrichment, Self Discovery, College Prep, Learning Support, 21st Century Technology, Interscholastic Athletics, and Studio and Performing Arts are all an important part of the tuition rates listed below. Boarding is also included in the 5 and 7-Day rates.

Tuition 2018-19

Boarding Student (7-Day)$67,710
Boarding Student (5-Day)$65,210
Day Student$49,635
International Student$69,245 (includes international student fee)

Miscellaneous Fees

Student Incidental Account

A Student Incidental Account is required to cover expenses such as dormitory deposits, student store and café charges, activity purchases made by the school (e.g. theater tickets), horseback riding, school trips, and PSAT, SAT, and ACT fees. An initial deposit of $1,500 is required for most students; an initial deposit of $2,500 is required for International Students and for students participating in horseback riding.


A complete set of course books is $200 - $300. However, students can also purchase course books online.


Purnell students are required to wear uniforms. A complete set of uniforms is $200 - $300 and typically includes a blazer, sweater or vest, white Oxford button down shirt, and a kilt. Click here to be directed to Mills Uniform Company for ordering information.

Equestrian Program

Purnell is proud to offer an Equestrian Program in partnership with a local stables. Additional fees apply for transportation, training, and equipment. Please contact Donna Martin for more information about Purnell's equestrian program.

Travel Opportunities

A variety of domestic and international travel opportunities are available to Purnell students through Project Exploration. Travel costs are not included in tuition. Click here to read more about Project Exploration at Purnell.

Tuition Refund Plan

A Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) that protects your financial investment and offers limited benefits in the event your daughter must withdraw from Purnell is included for families that elect to pay tuition in full in advance, and is required for families taking advantage of payment plans. Please contact the Business Office for more information on this plan.

Financial Aid

As part of our commitment to helping qualified students and their families afford a Purnell education, we offer need-based financial aid. To be considered for financial aid, all students must have been accepted for admission or re-enrollment.

Financial aid decisions are made on an annual basis, and we ask that families reapply for aid each year. The Financial Aid Committee then reevaluates student grants. Grant amounts may vary, depending on changes in parents' financial situation.

For more information about financial aid, please contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Noelle Gray, at 908-439-4010 or

Download this free E-book from Admissions Quest that explains the Financial Aid process:

understanding private school financial aid

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Step 1

Indicate you will be a candidate for financial aid on your application. Please click here for information on what documents you should submit along with your application.

Step 2

Purnell School works with SSS, School and Student Services for NAIS. Parents and/or legal guardians should complete the SSS application. The school code for Purnell is 5944. Click on the parents and families tab to begin the application process.

Step 3

Please send the appropriate filing fee to SSS. This should be done no later than January 31 if your application is to be given full consideration. If this date has passed, please send the completed forms as soon as possible. If the fee is not enclosed with your application, SSS will not be able to process your application.

Step 4

In cases of divorced or separated parents, it is the policy of Purnell School that both parents retain the obligation to contribute to their daughter's education whether or not there is a legal agreement between them to do so. Both natural parents should, therefore, provide the financial information that is requested by the School each year.

Payment Options

A Purnell School education is an investment in your daughter and her future. We are mindful of the sacrifices that families make to support their children in receiving the best possible education. Therefore, we have developed several payment options to allow a wide variety of families and their daughters to benefit from a Purnell education.

Choosing the plan that is right for you enables you to finance a Purnell education in a manner that suits your family's needs. After reviewing the School's payment plans and loan options, we hope that you will find that the opportunity for your daughter to receive a quality education is attainable.

Payment In Full

Our Early Payment Plan allows you to make a one-time payment of Tuition and Fees, in full, on or before June 1.

Domestic Students Tuition Management Systems

International Students Tuition Management Systems

Payment Plans

Our Payment Plans are managed by Tuition Management Services (TMS). To sign up for a payment plan please fill out and return the TMS form included with the Purnell contract.

TMS Payment Plan #1
Pay 70% of the Tuition and Fees plus the cost of the Tuition Refund Plan by June 1 and pay the remaining 30% by December 1. This is a very popular plan for those with seasonal incomes or for families needing more flexibility in the payment schedule.

TMS Payment Plan #2
Pay 70% of the Tuition and Fees plus the cost of the Tuition Refund Plan by June 1 and pay the remaining 30% in equal installments over 5 months beginning September 1 and ending January 31.

TMS Payment Plan #3
The balance of the Tuition and Fees after the initial deposit is paid will be divided into 10 equal monthly installments beginning April 1 and ending January 1.

Make a payment on your existing TMS payment plan.

Independent Loans

Independent low-interest loans with agreeable repayment schedules are available through local lending institutions:

Your Tuition Solution

Tuition Deposits

Purnell School requires a non-refundable deposit of $3,000 for all students. The deposit will reserve space for the upcoming school year. Tuition deposits are non-refundable after the beginning of March in a given school year.


For questions about tuition and financial aid at Purnell School, please contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, (908) 439.4009.

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