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The School may verify the information provided on this application or provided in any interview, including verification of previous schools and references. By signing this application, you authorize the School to contact the individuals and organizations listed and also authorize these individuals and organizations to release the requested information. You further indicate that you are aware that false statements or failure to disclose information may be sufficient to disregard the applicant from consideration as an applicant of Purnell School, or if admitted as a student, may result in her dismissal. 

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If the applicant has had an educational or psychological evaluation, or if they currently have an IEP or 504 plan, please upload a copy to Purnell here. You may also submit it via mail, email, or fax. ​​​
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consultant, alumna, current family, etc.​​
If yes, you will receive a financial aid packet.​

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Parent Statement

The strength of a Purnell education is based, in part, on an open and trusting partnership between the School and parents. To serve your daughter effectively, we ask that you provide any additional information regarding your daughter's school experience or personal history that would be helpful to the Admissions Committee. We ask that you also inform us of any health or behavioral concerns that might require special attention or support. Specifically, if your daughter has been under the care of a physician, counselor, psychologist, or similar professional within the last five years or if she has been involved in major disciplinary action at her school during the same period, please explain below. Your forthright comments will not jeopardize her candidacy, but will assist the Admissions Committee in determining the School's suitability for her needs and talents. However, failure to respond fully may affect her eligibility for admissions or continued enrollment after admissions. We appreciate your cooperation. 

If you have chosen to attach a file of the parent statement, please write "see attached" in the text box. ​​​​​​
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Application Fee: US$100.00

Application Fee: US$50.00

Please call the Purnell Admissions Office at 908.439.2154 for the waiver code​

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