Purnell Campus Fall 2020 Reopening

Reopening Guidelines


Dear Purnell Community,
Following five months of closely tracking the spread of coronavirus and guidance from the CDC, New Jersey State and County Departments of Health and Education, as well as the qualified advice of our physician consultant, we constructed a plan of operations to make Purnell as safe as possible. 

We remain supportive of and in agreement with the American Association of Pediatrics’ position that the benefits of in-person learning are worth fighting for. At Purnell, we do so based on facts and caution.
We know that the science of this virus and the progress on testing, treatment, and vaccinations are all areas that are evolving. What we know for certain now is that distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, and surface sanitizing work to limit the transmission of the virus. We will continue to follow the science and the spread of the COVID-19 locally and in regions around our country. With these variables in mind, our policies and recommendations may change. In that event, we will communicate with you immediately.
We are nevertheless optimistic that here in Somerset County, New Jersey (where infection rates have been very low) on our 83 acres of a uniquely secure community, we are in a strong position to open for in-person learning. Our full faculty are here, and we have had the privilege of welcoming your daughters back to campus this weekend. What a joyful event that has been after so many months apart!
At Purnell, we will be vigilant about enforcing proven preventative measures on and off campus. We require that all students and staff sign our Purnell Pledge to ensure that behaviors off campus will not put our campus community at risk. While this may sound extreme, we will have a zero-tolerance policy for any at-risk behavior. These requirements are detailed on our pledge, which is part of the reopening plan document sent to all our families. Any student or family member (if your daughter comes home on weekends or is a day student) found in violation of the commonsense practices will be required to move to online classes for a quarantine period of 14 days or for the full fall semester.  

It is my sincere hope that following this semester, we will be able to return – with care – to life as usual. Please know that my family and I are also adhering to these same guidelines. We must take care of ourselves in order to take care of each other.  Our collective goal is to keep Purnell safe from infection. Achieving this goal will require the commitment of our entire community. As always, please reach out with any questions.

Stay safe and healthy,
Anne M. Glass, Ed.M.
Head of School