Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)



A disorder that includes difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior and hyperactivity.

Student Profile

Makes "careless" mistakes in schoolwork. Teachers may think she is lazy, and scold her for not paying closer attention to directions. She often starts her work, but she rarely completes anything. When she does, it is clear she rushed in the end because she was up against a deadline. Her teachers and her advisor have gotten together and recognize that she struggles in particular with work that requires a lot of thought or sustained attention. She often forgets regular activities, like the time activity period or sports begins.

How Purnell can help

As a boarding school in New Jersey specializing in girls with ADHD, your daughter will be successfully supported at Purnell. Her teachers and her advisor are in regular contact. And she will utilize the Learning Specialist once a week to be sure she is organized and self-advocating when she needs help.

soccer goalie

I know I can ask for help whenever I need it, and the small classes give me more time with my teachers. Purnell has made me feel more confident as a learner and as an individual.
Alex has ADHD and an Auditory Processing Disorder, and she has found success in Purnell's small classes and with a supportive faculty that truly understands her learning style. Alex loves sports, especially soccer and basketball.




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