Purnell School is a private boarding school in New Jersey that
supports girls’ learning with dyslexia.




Affects reading and related language-based processing skills. The severity can differ in each individual but can affect reading fluency, decoding, reading comprehension, recall, writing, spelling, and sometimes speech and can exist along with other related disorders.

Mild Dyslexia

Student Profile

Can read fairly well, but she really struggles with long, dry readings. She loves short poetry, but she is having a tough time reading Hamlet independently. She is using Shakespeare in Bits on her iPad, but she still struggles to remember what she read. During the previous novel, she really loved the story when it was read aloud, but reading independently was difficult. She struggles with writing papers in particular. She has great ideas, but when she submits her paper, the teacher is really concerned about her lack of organization. She is very successful in science class, in particular, in engineering where she gets to build and create things.

How Our Private School For Dyslexia Can Help

Your daughter will enroll in our Literacy Skills class, where her writing should improve dramatically. She'll use graphic organizers like Inspiration for her work, and her teachers will use very visual materials, which plays to her strengths. Her classes will be multi-sensory, which makes them easier for her to connect to the material. Having a laptop will help her in many ways, including text-to-speech and speech-to-text programs.

Severe Dyslexia

Student Profile

May often say the teacher doesn't help her or she doesn't care about the class, but it is clear there is something deeper to her English struggles. She becomes frustrated with written exams and reads at a lower grade level.

How Purnell can help

Your daughter needs a two way approach. We'll provide her with 1:1 Orton-Gillingham language remediation to make her functionally literate, and make sure she becomes fluent with assistive technology so she can learn the necessary content to keep up with her peers.

Purnell Dance Student Sam

Purnell has shaped me to be more independent, and I'm ready for college.
Sam is a dyslexic student who would like to take her two passions--anatomy/physiology and dance--and explore possible careers in dance, sports science, or physical therapy.




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