English Language Instruction


Student Profile

Speaks enough English to engage in conversation, but her TOEFL score is too low for college admissions. She is successful in math class, but she struggles with science vocabulary. She is a hard-working student, and she wants to take the most competitive classes. However, she lacks the foundational vocabulary to jump into advanced classes.

How Purnell can help

Purnell's ELI classes can support your daughter in her English immersion experience. They will help her to improve her conversational and academic English, and they will prepare her to take the TOEFL for college admissions. Purnell's Seminar classes also help students from other cultures.

Purnell Student Jessica with robots

Purnell provides me opportunities to develop interests in many different areas-art, science, and engineering are now my favorite subjects.
Jessica is an ELi student from China. She appreciates Purnell's excellent arts and STEM programs.

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Well-prepared and highly confident, 100 percent of Purnell girls are accepted to college.