The Purnell Difference


Progressive Education

At Purnell, each individual is recognized and respected for her own abilities, enabling each girl to be herself – to explore her passions, discover her strengths, and become a confident, successful, lifelong learner.


Individualized Learning

Students come to school with varying backgrounds and skill sets. At Purnell, ours is a highly individualized education; whatever the learning difference, girls are given support that is as unique as they are.


Arts & Music

With a wide array of options in the performing and studio arts, and the support and guidance of professional artists, girls are able to discover their artist within.


A Welcoming, Inspiring Community

Purnell is a small, caring, welcoming community where each girl is known and valued. Here, differences are not only understood; they are appreciated and celebrated. Here, girls can be themselves.


Many opportunities to engage & have fun

For both day and boarding students, involvement comes easy, and in many forms – from campus activities and clubs, to our LifeSports program, to the many opportunities of nearby NYC.


Safe Living & Learning Environment

Purnell's 21st-century living and learning environment sits securely amid the peaceful rolling hills of Pottersville, New Jersey, yet just an hour from New York City and two hours from Philadelphia.

Why Purnell?

You’ll feel right at home in Purnell’s family-like living and learning community where self-discovery and transformation happen together and organically.
94of students say their self-confidence has improved
96of students and recent grads now know their academic strengths, weaknesses and interests



Our Founding Guidelines

Safe, Friendly & Supportive
Words used most by current and former students to describe Purnell

Nestled Amidst 83-Acres of Rolling Hills

The campus is secure and peaceful, and yet only one hour from New York City and two hours from Philadelphia.

Our individualized approach to learning is different than you have experienced before.

Customize your academic goals and growth according to your gifts, talents and interests.
Learning at Purnell happens in the classroom, in the dorms, on the stage,
on the fields, and in the community.